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Copper Plating
Plated Through Hole Copper Thickness  microns ( Tolerance +/- )
Finished Cu Thickness on Surface including Base Copper  microns ( Tolerance +/- )
Consent for Modifying Pattern Design Without Effecting Circuit Connectivity Inorder to Achieve Uniformity in Plating Isolated Tracks and Pads Granted
Not Granted
Protective Finish*
Solder Mask On Fused Tin and Lead Tracks and Pads
Solderable Lacquer
Gold and Nickle on Tabs
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      Minimum Gold Thickness   Microns
      Minimum Nickel Thickness   Microns
Special Features / Processes
Black oxide      Carbon Printing      Peelable
Plated Holes  +/- mm.
Non Plated Holes  +/- mm.
General Tolerance for Profiling  +/- mm.
Track Width Reduction  +/- mm.
Minimum Track Width  +/- mm.
Minimum Annular Ring  +/- mm.
Minimum Air Gap  +/- mm.
Scoring Depth  +/- mm.
Single PCB Size mm X mm
Panel size (No. of PCBs Panel)   PCBs/Panel X mm
WEB Around the Panel
Mounting Holes Location on The Web
Minimum Distances Between Consecutive Scoring Lines mm
Number of V-Grooves  
Scoring Depth mm
Can Multiple Panels With Some Crossed out Individual PCB Rejects be Supplied YES    NO
IF YES, Then Maximum No. Of Such Marked Rejects/Panel Permitted nos
Should Such Panels With a Few Rejected PCBs Be Marked And Packed Separately YES    NO
Electrical Testing
Minimum SMD Pitch   mm
Packing Instructions
PCBs To Be Wrapped In Butter Paper
PCBs To Be Wrapped In PE Foil
Number Of PCBs In Each Wrapping / Pack   nos.
Packing Slip To Contain
a) Manufacturer
b) PCB Type & Revision
c) Quantity Packed
Maximum Weight Permitted Per Carton   kgs.
Any Other Special Instructions
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